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How many plans do I need?

Building your dream house house is obviously very complex and involves a lot of time, people, and professional talent. You are literally going to have hundreds of people taking part in the process of building your home. The only way they know what to do will be by looking at your plans. The minimum number of plans you will need is 3 sets of plans. You will need to give one copy to the city to keep on file, another set for your general contractor, and one set for your own records. The actual number of plans you will need depends on the project size and the number of people involved, but typically you will need between 9 and 13 sets of plans.

Licensed professional contractors will not work from anything but the original set of plans. Since our house plans are copyrighted, it is not legal for anyone to make a copy, or use a copied set of the plans. Running down to Kinko's to make a copy is prohibited and punishable by law. That being said, it is important to have an efficient number of plans. Every contractor who works on your house needs to look at, bid from, and work off of your plans. You'll have Electricians, Heating and Air Conditioning workers, Finish Carpenters, Cabinet makers and many others who are working blind until seeing your specific plans. So make sure the number of sets you choose is going to be sufficient to get the job done. Job sites often come to a halt due to a lack of plans.