What is an Attic Truss?

Attic Truss Diagram

Imagine being able to increase a home's square footage without increasing its foundation size. Attic trusses are one of the most cost effective ways of adding floor area to a building. You can order attic trusses that have the same outside shape as a common truss but that is where the similarity stops. For a house that is thirty feet wide, the center of the truss would contain a box that is 8 feet tall and perhaps 10 or more feet wide. Attic trusses that are installed side-by-side over a spacing of 20 or more feet create enough room for two medium sized bedrooms, a stair and a bathroom. These trusses are engineered to support the extra weight of stored items or a full living space. Attic trusses are an ideal way to increase the habitable area of a house, or improve storage area.

Attic Truss Photo

Attic trusses are manufactured in a similar way to standard trusses, but due to the added loadings they normally have larger timber sections, which result in a modest increase in price. Even with this price increase taken into account, attic trusses remain one of the most economic ways to add space to a building. In fact, due to the increased square footage, your home's equity will jump by an average of 15% upon completed construction.