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6 things you should know

Here's a list of 6 things you should know about when purchasing home plans.

  1. Accuracy
    Did you know that many online house plan vendors sell inaccurate plans? Contractors need to be able to accurately read and implement the house plans for your dream home to be born—but even the simplest of flaws can set you back thousands of dollars! In fact, Jon Young has been hired to correct plans by scores of customers who bought their plans online from someone else. For instance, read the testimony of one customer who purchased plans online from another vendor who was told that his plans were useless to the contractor. With the purchase of your Jon Young custom house plans you have the assurance of detailed, accurate plans designed for and usable by any contractor. Get it done right the first time, every time.
  2. Completeness
    Do you know what a complete set of house plans must have? Many people believe that they are buying everything that their contractor needs in order to begin construction. What they often receive, however, is often little more than the simple floor plan you see on their website. House plans must be complete so that the contractor can use them, and that means a correct elevation view and plan, floor framing plans, roofing / truss plans and more. Your Jon Young house plans are designed specifically for the contractor, complete in every way. You can even take the truss plans to any truss manufacturer, and they will happily work with you.
  3. Latest Designs
    Does it seem like you're seeing the same home designs over and over again? What you need are designs that are fresh and new, and that combine popular style with innovation and uniqueness. Every Jon Young home design is uniquely crafted, fresh in design and appearance. Rest assured that your Jon Young house plan is the leading edge of design, and the standard of excellence anywhere in the industry. You won't find these plans anywhere else on the net.
  4. Customization
    Is your dream house plan almost everything you ever wanted? If you could only have a little more cabinet space or a larger master bedroom then it would be perfect, right? It's too bad that you'll have to either settle for what you see online or pay a local architect an arm and a leg to adjust the plans for you. Not so with your Jon Young house plans! Not only is each plan already a unique design, but is also fully customizable by Jon Young. Although customizations involve a moderate additional cost, you will save hundreds over taking your plans to someone else for customizing. And you'll know that the changes are fully compatible with the original design because they will be made by the original designer.
  5. Phone Number
    Have you noticed that many of the house plan vendors on the internet don't even post a phone number? What do you do if they send you the wrong plans, flawed plans, or none at all? You don't want to take the risk of doing business with someone that you can't verify is actually there, or that you can't contact in the case of a problem. Go ahead and give us a call. Our phone number is posted for all to see, we are available during business hours (mountain time) to assist you.
  6. Experience
    Would you see a doctor that has never practiced medicine, or never even been to medical school? Jon Young has been in the house plan business for over 8 years, and has designed homes for hundreds of happy customers. You can see his beautiful completed homes all over the western United States. You're in good hands with Jon Young design.